Abby’s Story

I’ve never had an abortion, but I’ve had 2 D&Cs, the procedure used in surgical abortions. The first was about 4 weeks after I miscarried. After needing hospital care, doctors discovered that I had an incomplete miscarriage in which some of the tissue had remained in my placenta, and they needed to get the dead tissue out before it went septic. 

The second was postnatal. I had the same issue as the first time but having just given birth, I was in immense pain and didn’t know this was happening. It wasn’t until I turned feverish and was rushed into surgery as they suspected sepsis. 

If this kind of care wasn’t legal, I could’ve died right after giving birth to my newborn child. 

Sometimes women need D&Cs to save our lives. Banning abortion doesn’t just make women have more babies, banning abortion kills women. Women with dangerous pregnancies and women like me. Banning abortion is femicide.

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