Heather’s Story

We went to extreme lengths to have our daughter…several surgeries, 4 cycles of IVF, and over $50,000. Last year we transferred our last two embryos and were thrilled to be pregnant! Unfortunately, I began to miscarry. The bleeding began to get heavier, and though my nurse tried to reassure me, I knew it was over. The bloodwork showed high HCG levels, but the ultrasound could not find a heartbeat. The diagnosis was a miscarriage. In early June my HCG levels began to rise. After more blood tests and ultrasounds, I was diagnosed with retained products of conception and scheduled for surgery. Without surgery, I could easily develop a severe infection, hemorrhage, scar my uterus, or even one day develop cancer. Although not considered by most to be a traditional abortion, this type of fundamental women’s healthcare would be outlawed (and even criminalized) in several states. In fact, IVF, the very scientific marvel that created our daughter, may soon be extremely limited and the disposal of any embryos not used, criminalized if proposed “personhood bills” are passed in several states after Roe v. Wade is overturned. 

Abortion is not a “convenient” form of birth control for irresponsible people, it is fundamental women’s healthcare. It is a procedure that is medically necessary and for me prevented further emotional anguish during an already impossibly difficult moment in my life. I am 1 in 4.

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