Heather’s Story

I was in my early twenties and in a relationship that started out like a fairytale, until my boyfriend became increasingly jealous and controlling. After about two years, I broke up with him. A few days later he called me nonstop all day and left voicemails. I listened to them at the end of the day. It was the same message over and over, “I just want to know, did you get your period yet? You better tell me. That’s my seed”. I was shocked because I didn’t know there was any reason to worry. I ran to the drugstore to get a test and sure enough, it was positive. I wanted to be a mom, but not this way. I worried that if I stayed, my boyfriend would become physically abusive and I did not have the means to financially support a baby on my own. I told him that I wanted an abortion but he refused to help me pay for it. It took me time to save up the money on my own. I did it and had the abortion. He was so angry with me that he finally left me alone. I have never regretted my choice.

Because of my abortion, I was able to leave an unhealthy relationship, finish college, and eventually marry a man who treats me with nothing but love and respect. And when I was finally ready, I became a mom on my own terms, just the way I always dreamed it would be. Now I have two beautiful daughters and I am terrified for their future. If this were to happen to me today in a state like Texas, with bounty hunter laws, my boyfriend could have sued me for $10,000 AND put me in jail, even though he was the one who impregnated me without my knowledge or consent. These laws do nothing to protect women or children. Instead, they give more power and control to those that abuse and violate us.

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