Jessica’s Story

I was 19 with my first born. Her dad and I went through a hard court battle. Afterwards, I began dating again. I used Mirena for protection. I dated one guy for a few months. Nothing serious – he didn’t meet my young daughter. But I ended up pregnant – and confused as to how. During sex, once or twice my mirena somehow came out. I thought I had done something wrong. Planned parenthood helped me – luckily I was early enough to end the pregnancy “easily” (compared to many others). Two months later, before I could get into my gyno to discuss other options, I was pregnant again. This time, when I told my partner, he laughed. A weird, awkward, guilty laugh. I figured it out that day – and he admitted it. He had been removing my mirena during foreplay because he wanted me to be his “baby momma.” He had trapped me. I once again had to use planned parenthood, and explain why I was back again so quickly. I was so embarrassed and felt so stupid. Clearly, I ended things after that. The day I ended it, he stole my house key, and when I met him at his house to get it, he came out with a shotgun and shot at my vehicle as I drove away. If it wasn’t for planned parenthood and the right to choose, my life would be very different today.

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