Lisa’s Story

When I was 18 I was stupid.  I had sex for the first time with no birth control.  We were not in a relationship and  we did not live anywhere near each other.  I got pregnant.  I was getting ready to go to college and there was no way I could raise a child.  I called my sister and she got me to PP twice, once for the test and then for the abortion.  I have never regretted this.

When I was 37 I was in a relationship and changed from the pill to a diaphragm and I got pregnant.  At the time my partner was long-term unemployed and planning to go back to school and I was only working part-time.  We did not have the resources to raise a child.  We went to the center together.  (This was in Canada where abortion was covered by healthcare.) I have never regretted this.  I have no children and don’t regret that.

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