Nikia’s Story

In 1984, I was a 31 year old single parent. I’d been separated from my abusive drug dealer husband for a year. Imet a guy who lived behind me. He was funny and attentive and “sad” because he was recently separated. We “bonded” over our losses and one thing led to another. He also told me repeatedly that he was sterile. I used OTC suppositories but ended up pregnant. 

 I went to the doctor and asked for an abortion. They said I had to wait 10 days “to be sure”. After 10 days I got an appointment in Newport News VA for the next week. I was escorted into the building by a man with a gun. I was then seen by a gynecologist, psychiatrist, and social worker. They offered options and tried to talk me out of it. Then I had to watch the Life magazine film of a developing fetus. I got there at 7:30, my procedure wasn’t until 2. Afterwards I drove home and picked my 10 yo son from school. I went to work the next day. That’s my story. No regrets. I had the choice. What if I hadn’t?!?

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