Stacey’s Story

My story is familiar. The baby died at 12 weeks. We wanted him/her, my heart broke that day.  I had told my coworkers at the company Christmas party that we were expecting! I went to the bathroom at the party and there was a lot of blood. I just wanted to stay frozen in what was “supposed to be”. To say I was devastated doesn’t really cover that emotion. 3 weeks later, the bleeding hadn’t stopped. I hadn’t expelled the “products of conception”. I had to have a D&C, an ‘abortion’ because my body wasn’t moving the process along. I had another spontaneous miscarriage 14 months later. I’ve never been more broken in my life. One more time, 3rd time was a charm for us and at 43, I birthed our daughter, an unstoppable force!! Grateful for her, a rainbow baby! Imagine that she would not be here if I had been imprisoned for what nature did to our hopes and dreams!

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