Valerie’s Story

Back in 1996, I was pregnant with my second child – very much wanted and loved. I knew in my heart it was a boy and in a dream, he told me his name was Nicholas.  I was 10.5 weeks into the pregnancy and started spotting. A few days later it was much heavier so my OB/GYN told me to go to the hospital. They got me into a room and a nurse gave me a gown to change into. I went into the bathroom and got undressed, but was so weak I needed help. The bathroom looked like a murder scene. I had a D&C the next morning and when I woke up, I realized I was in the maternity ward. I had no idea that’s where I was when I was admitted and it was heartbreaking to wake up and hear babies crying. Worse was going home and telling my then 5 year old daughter that there was no more baby.

We had no idea why I lost the baby – until I started spotting, I was having a normal, healthy pregnancy.

Now imagine going to jail for that.

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