What's Your Superpower?

If there’s one thing we learned in the last few months, it’s that ALL of us have superpowers that help make our communities better! Wondering what yours is?

Take our quiz to find out! We have 7 hypothetical scenarios – how do you think you’d respond to each one?

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Your daughter comes home crying because the school play is about to be canceled – and she’s supposed to play the lead! It seems that the budget was cut and there isn’t enough money to pay for the costumes. What do you do?

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A town ordinance has just announced that mulch is no longer allowed – pine straw only. There is NO way you are going to scrape up all of the newly laid mulch in your garden beds to replace it with expensive pine straw! What do you do?

3 / 7

You get home from a realllly long day at work to see dishes piled on the counter, toys strewn around the living room, no dinner made, and your spouse and kids playing video games in the playroom. How do you react?

4 / 7

You find yourself unexpectedly with a free Friday night! What do you plan?

5 / 7

It’s your spouse’s 40th birthday. What do you do?

6 / 7

One of your all-time favorite books to read to your kids is It’s OK To Be A Unicorn, but some Moms for Liberty extremists are trying to ban it from their school library! What do you do?

7 / 7

Your 12-year-old daughter wants to show off her skating skills on an ice hockey team – but it turns out the only rink in town doesn’t allow girls in the league. What do you do?

Your superpower is on its way! But first, we just need a bit more info from you so we can let you know about fun in-person and Zoom events coming up at Red Wine & Blue.

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