What Is Moms For Liberty?

Moms for Liberty is an extremist right-wing group focused on banning books, targeting trans kids and their families, and trying to block schools from teaching accurate history. They also have received money from one of the largest single donors of the January 6 insurrection.

Moms for Liberty tries to hide their extreme agenda behind “parents’ rights” but they actually want to take away the freedom of the majority of parents to decide what’s best for their kids.

What Are Their Tactics?

Moms for Liberty has been receiving increasing public attention for using harassment and intimidation to silence librarians, teachers, parents, students, and community leaders:

  • Moms for Liberty members have threatened people with gun violence. 
  • They have accused parents of child abuse and grooming and even tried to have children removed from healthy family homes. 
  • Members have called for LGBTQ kids to be put in separate classrooms “like kids with autism and Down syndrome.”
  • A Pennsylvania Moms for Liberty leader has been accused of hijacking a dead woman’s Facebook page to harass people, opening unauthorized credit cards in a foe’s name, calling her enemies the n-word, and saying they should hang from a noose.
  • In Berkley County, South Carolina, 6 Moms for Liberty school board members used their first meeting to fire the district’s first Black superintendent, terminate the district’s lawyer, ban Critical Race Theory, and set up a committee to ban books.