The Red Wine & Blue Ohio Guide to the Midterms

Ohio is the heart of America, and Ohio women are leading with our hearts while fighting to protect our freedoms – our reproductive freedom, our families’ freedom to live in safe and welcoming communities, our children’s freedom to learn. 

Extremist politicians who want to maintain power and control and are threatening those freedoms. But we have the power to stop them. 

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What’s in the Guide?

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Where do things stand on the issues Ohio women care about?

Here are the facts about some of the top issues Ohio women care about and how races on the ballot will influence them.


Within hours of the fall of Roe, extremist politicians banned abortion in Ohio after six weeks of pregnancy – before many women even know they are pregnant – and with no exception for rape. The heartbreaking implications of this ban came to national attention in July when a 10-year-old rape victim was denied care in Ohio and had to go to Indiana for an abortion. 

 The majority of Ohio voters believe that women and their doctors – not politicians – should have the right to decide whether to have an abortion. 

But the Ohio Supreme Court ignored the will of the people and the state constitution and allowed the state’s extreme abortion ban to go into effect. Now extremist Republicans want even more restrictions on reproductive rights, which could limit access to birth control and IVF. We have the power to stop them by electing State Supreme Court justices and a new governor who will represent the will of the people and protect our reproductive freedom. 

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Public Education

Ohio families are facing serious challenges that we are seeing nationwide, like underfunded public schools and teacher shortages. But outside groups and politicians are banning books, banning transgender children from playing sports in school, and creating a less safe learning environment for all children. They are heavily invested in scaring parents to score partisan points and gain political power. But we believe our kids are more important than politics.

Ohio gives both our Governor and our statewide Board of Education the power to make decisions over public education in our state, so both of those races are vital to ensuring the safety and success of our kids and schools.

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Gun Safety

Some of our own communities have been devastated by senseless acts of gun violence, including in 2019 when 9 people were killed and 17 wounded in a mass shooting in Dayton. None of us should have to endure a preventable tragedy like this in our communities, but extremist Republicans have made things worse.

 In response to school shootings nationwide, Republican Governor Mike DeWine signed a bill arming Ohio school teachers with very little training. We cannot solve the problem of too many guns in school by putting MORE guns in schools. The most effective way we can influence change on this issue is to tell our current elected representatives how we feel, and vote for state and federal candidates who will support gun safety laws.

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State Supreme Court

Huge Opportunity & Huge Threat 

 There is our best opportunity to protect reproductive freedom in Ohio.

How it works: 

  • The state Supreme Court has final authority over how Ohio laws and the Ohio Constitution are interpreted. 
  • Ohio’s Supreme Court has seven members, a Chief Justice and six Associate Justices, who are elected for six-year terms.

Current Situation:

  • The seats are currently held by 4 Republicans and 3 Democrats. 
  • 3 of the Republican-held seats are up this election cycle – 2 seats for Associate Justices and the seat for the Chief Justice. 
  • Candidates are running under partisan labels for the first time.


What’s at Stake: 

  • The Ohio Supreme Court race is the most important to watch for Ohioans who care about their reproductive rights. The only thing standing between Ohio women and reproductive freedom is one seat on the Ohio Supreme Court. 


Marilyn Zayas and Terri Jamison are running against Associate Justices who allowed Ohio’s extreme abortion ban to go into effect. 

Jennifer Brunner, a current Associate Justice in the middle of her six-year term, is running for Chief Justice. 

Zayas, Jamison, and Brunner all respect reproductive freedom — and they’re all mothers. We need these kinds of voices — Black women, white women, Latinas — in the room where these decisions affecting our lives and families are being made.

They are each running against someone who would take away our freedom to decide when and whether to grow our families. 
Use our Ballot Lookup to research your ballot and find out where candidates running to represent you stand.

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U.S. Congress 

Huge Threat 

A Republican majority would likely pass a federal abortion ban and block any further progress on gun safety laws.  

How it works: 

  • The U.S. Congress is both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate.
  • In the U.S. House of Representatives, each state’s number of representatives is based on their population. There are a total of 435 representatives, up for election every 2 years. 
  • In the U.S. Senate, 2 Senators represent every state and they serve for 6 years.

Current Situation: 

U.S. House of Representatives 

  • Democrats now have an overall slim majority 220 – 211 in the House (with 4 vacancies). 
  • Ohio has 16 members (12 Republicans and 4 Democrats). 

U.S. Senate

  • There are 48 Democrats with 2 Independents who vote with the Democrats, and 50 Republicans.
  • The Senate is split 50-50, but Democrats have a slight majority now because Vice President Kamala Harris (D) can offer a tie-breaking vote. 
  • Current OH Republican Senator Rob Portman is not seeking re-election, so one of OH’s U.S. Senate seats is up for grabs. 

 What’s at Stake?

Congressional Republicans have recently voted against:

  • Lowering the price of insulin for Americans. 
  • Protecting birth control. 
  • Marriage equality and interracial marriage.

If they win a majority of seats, Congressional Republicans have vowed to pass a federal ban on abortion.


Candidates for U.S. Senate

  • Democratic Representative Tim Ryan is running against Republican JD Vance – one of the most extreme politicians in America.
  • JD Vance – Extremist Alert – believes that the government should control:
    • Our pregnancies.
    • What our schools can teach.
    • What kinds of families are accepted in Ohio.
  • But he doesn’t believe in any government control over guns.
  • He has called rape “inconvenient” and compared abortion to slavery.
  • He has also said that women should stay in “violent” marriages.

Candidates for U.S. House of Representatives

We must elect U.S. House candidates who will protect reproductive rights, enact gun safety laws, and support all Ohio families. Use our Ballot Lookup to research your ballot and find out where candidates running to represent you stand.

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Huge Threat 

The Republican Governor, who has revealed himself as an extremist, is seeking reelection.

How it works:

  • The Governor of Ohio is elected every four years.
  • As chief executive of the state, the Governor has power over the state’s budget, judicial appointments, signing or vetoing laws, and commanding the state’s National Guard.  

Current Situation:

  • Republican extremist Governor Mike DeWine who signed the state’s aborton ban into law is seeking reelection to his second term.

What’s at stake:

  • The Governor’s powers over Ohio are too important to be in the hands of an extremist.
  • Electing Democrat Nan Whaley would restore balance to our state government.


  • Democrat Nan Whaley is the former mayor of Dayton. She is pro-choice, pro-schools and pro-worker. 
  • Republican extremist Governor Mike DeWine – Extremist Alert – is seeking reelection to his second term. 
    • Mike DeWine signed one of the most restrictive abortion bans in the country that forced a 10-year-girl to travel to Indiana to access an abortion. 
    • DeWine has refused to support common-sense gun reforms and signed a bill that allows permitless concealed carry (and gets rid of required training). 
    • He also signed a bill that would arm teachers

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Attorney General
Huge Threat 

Our extremist Republican Attorney General is seeking reelection

How it works:

  • The Attorney General is the state’s top lawyer. 

Current situation

  • The current Attorney General is extremist David Yost who made sure Ohio’s abortion ban went into effect hours after Roe was overturned.

 What’s at Stake:

  • Of most notable concern right now, Attorneys General can challenge their state’s election results, a grave threat to our democracy when in the hands of extremists who are denying the results of free and fair elections. 
  • Extremist incumbent candidate David Yost supported Donald Trump’s effort to invalidate 2020 ballots. 


  • Democrat State Representative Jeff Crossman is running against extremist incumbent Attorney General David Yost. 
  • David Yost – Extremist Alert filed to enact Ohio’s 6-week abortion ban as soon as the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade
  • He called the reports of the 10-year-old-girl who had to travel to Indiana to get an abortion a “fabrication”. 
  • He formally supported the Trump campaign’s legal efforts to invalidate 2020 ballots cast in Pennsylvania.

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State Board of Education

Huge Threat 

Unseating extremists on the State Board of Education is a top priority.

How it works:

  • Ohio has a 19-member State Board of Education who oversee the curriculum and educational materials for public schools.

Current situation

  • All incumbents up for reelection voted to abolish a resolution condemning racism in our schools.
  • Some school districts have tried to ban historical novels and picture books simply because they include rainbows.
  • Other districts are in lawsuits over bans on teaching about race and gender.

 What’s at Stake:

  • The governance and policy-setting for our schools should be in the hands of reasonable and informed individuals, not extremist ideologues. We need to elect candidates who care more about our students and educators than politics.


  • Five school board incumbents – who all voted to abolish a resolution condemning racism – are running for reelection.
    • Tim Miller (School District 10) and John Hagan (School District 9) voted to abolish a resolution condemning racism in our schools.

    Common Sense Candidates

    • Tom Jackson is challenging Tim Miller. He’s a father of two children who both went to public schools from kindergarten through college.
    • Robert Fulton is challenging John Hagan.

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State Legislature

Huge Threat 

We must prevent extremist Republicans who want to take away our freedoms from gaining more power in both chambers.

How it works:

  • The Ohio State House has 99 members.
  • The Ohio State Senate has 33 members.

Current situation

  • Extremist Republicans dominate both chambers of the Ohio state legislature. 
  • Right now, the Ohio State Legislature is so extreme they will override a Democratic Governor even if we elect one — they will continue pushing guns into our schools, and taking away our right to manage our own pregnancies. 
  • We have to protect the rights and freedoms extremist Republicans want to take away from us by ending their supermajority and electing a few common sense Democrats who can make the Ohio State Legislature look more like Ohio.

 What’s at Stake:

  • Ohio Republicans have already passed laws stripping our freedom over our own bodies and our freedom to live in safe spaces without the fear of gun violence. If they maintain a supermajority in both chambers, they will:
    • Have unchecked power to pass more extreme bills, targeting:
      • Our reproductive freedom, even birth control and IVF.
      • Our freedom to learn.
      • Our freedom to vote and have our vote counted.
      • Our rights to love and marry who we choose.


We must elect State Senate and State House candidates who will protect reproductive rights, enact gun safety laws, and support all Ohio families. Use our Ballot Lookup to research your ballot and find out where candidates running to represent you stand.


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  • SEPTEMBER 23: Military & Overseas Absentee Voting
  • OCTOBER 11: Deadline to Register to Vote
  • OCTOBER 12: Early in-person voting begins and includes the two Saturdays, the Sunday and the Monday before Election Day
  • Absentee Voting by Mail begins (ends 11/7)
  • NOVEMBER 5: Deadline to Request an Absentee Ballot (Noon)
  • NOVEMBER 7: Mailed absentee ballots must be postmarked by this date
  • NOVEMBER 8: General Election: Polls are open from 6:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. Absentee Ballots May Be Returned by Mail or Personally Delivered to Your County Board of Elections
  • NOVEMBER 18: Last day for boards to receive mail-in ballots that have been postmarked on or before November 7.

The Great Troublemaker Turnout 


A lot of what is at stake in the midterms can be protected by voters preventing extremists from gaining seats.  We know that suburban women are a powerful group who can shift election outcomes when we turnout to vote. And we know how to make that happen through Relational Organizing. Become a Troublemaker with us and you’ll learn how to turnout the suburban vote in your community.


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