In 2022, suburban wins defeated extremist candidates and drove victories in Michigan, including passing Prop 3 to protect reproductive rights and flipping the state legislature. Now we have the chance to continue our great work in Michigan.

Gun Violence has long been an issue across this country but right now we have the opportunity to pass gun sense legislation here in Michigan.

Following the tragic school shooting at Michigan State University, both the Michigan State Senate and the Michigan State House have introduced bill packages to address gun violence. This legislation would:

  • Enact extreme risk protection orders aka “Red Flag Laws,” preventing sales of all firearms to people who have been reported to law enforcement as dangerous to themselves or others. 80% of Michiganders support Red Flag Laws.
  • Enact secure storage laws that would hold gun owners accountable for the safe storage of firearms, supported by 82% of Michiganders.
  • Require background checks on all gun sales, including sales at gun shows and other private sales, which is supported by 90% of Michiganders.

So what can we do?

We can tell our representatives to pass gun sense legislation right now. It’s easy: click here to send an email to the legislators listed below and then ask 4 friends to do the same

  • State Senate Majority Leader Winnie Brinks
  • Speaker of the House Joe Tate
  • Your own State Senator
  • Your own State Representative 

And then,  join Red Wine and Blue volunteers and our partners at End Gun Violence Michigan Coalition for a rally with Gabby Giffords on Wednesday March 15 at 11:00 am at the state capitol to hear from advocates, survivors, students and lawmakers. Sign up here.

This is just the start of the amazing work that can happen when we elect leaders who truly represent our values. Let’s get to work!

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Right-Wing Extremists’ Latest Attempt To Attack Public Education 

Great Schools Initiative (GSI) is a group affiliated with the Thomas More Society, a national right-wing group known for frivolous lawsuits – including a challenge to the  2020 election results.

They’re encouraging parents to “opt-out” of sex education by redefining what that is — in their view any reference to LGBTQ+ people is “sex ed”. Currently in Michigan, parents can opt-out of sex ed curriculum. GSI is exploiting that by creating their own “opt-out” form that includes “gender/sexuality social justice or gender/sexuality activism”, which could even ban teaching about the women’s suffrage movement.

If Michigan schools don’t comply with their demands, they plan to launch a barrage of lawsuits. The strategy is to overwhelm Michigan schools with litigation to effectively mandate the erasure of LGBTQ+ people and bog down the court system at a huge expense to taxpayers.

This is not just a few concerned parents. GSI is actively coaching people on how to use surveillance to track teachers, staff, and administrators — putting more pressure on already-overburdened school workers. At each step of the process, there are instructions on how to gather evidence and documents to overwhelm the courts. 

There are lawsuits ready to be launched at all levels: if a teacher does not remove a particular book from their classroom, if the administrator doesn’t sign the opt-out form acknowledging receipt of the opt-out form, etc.

What To Do

If they reach out to you, do not sign the opt-out form.

Spread the word! GSI is trying to hide its true agenda so it’s crucial that people know the facts. Share this information with friends, family, and neighbors. 

Do not refer to them as parents concerned about sex education. Always point out their true goal, who they really are, and their impact: GSI is the latest effort of a national right-wing movement to attack public education and erase LGBTQ+ people. They’re trying to use kids as political pawns, which will cost taxpayers thousands of dollars in lawsuits. 

Support teachers and staff who will be surveilled and threatened. Let them know you appreciate honest, accurate teaching.

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