Roll up your sleeves, North Carolina, because we have some work to do!

Extremist politicians overrode Governor Cooper’s veto of an unpopular ban on abortion after 12 weeks of pregnancy that also makes abortion care harder to get at any stage of pregnancy. They have also introduced bills that would ban medical care for trans people, limit what could be taught in schools, change our State Constitution to make it harder to vote, and make it almost impossible to increase funding for public schools. The Republican-controlled state legislature is also trying to get rid of checks and balances on their power (aka the basis of our democracy).  

How were they able to pass a monster abortion ban and override Governor Cooper’s veto? Representative Tricia Cotham’s switch from Democrat to Republican gave Republicans a supermajority in both the North Carolina House and Senate.  She gave away our reproductive rights and voted for anti-trans bills–but only after she got elected by supporting abortion access and LGBTQ+ rights.  She lied to her constituents. Sign up and join the People’s Recall of Rep. Cotham here

Meanwhile, our State Supreme Court has taken the extraordinary step of overturning voting rights and gerrymandering decisions handed down just months ago, and is expected to do the same in a case that required the State to fund schools adequately. The facts and laws have not changed – but they now have a Republican majority.

It’s going to take all of us working together to make sure our friends and family know what’s happening, and how we can all fight back!

Our TroubleMaven Academy is an opportunity for women across North Carolina who want to be more politically savvy.  We use this 8-week “bootcamp” to help them get there so we all will be ready to fight collectively for our rights!

Did you miss the in-person TroubleMaven Academy?  No problem!  Sign up here and we’ll send you the class recordings and materials.


Extremist lawmakers have banned abortion after 12 weeks and imposed insurmountable barriers on people trying to get an abortion early in pregnancy. The new restrictions aim to shut down abortion clinics, and make it unworkable for doctors to adequately provide care. This is a massive rollback of access for North Carolinians and for people all across the South. Sign up to be part of our Rapid Response team here

What Can I Do?

Red Wine & Blue is proud to work in coalition with other North Carolina organizations fighting for our reproductive freedom. Sign up to be part of our Rapid Response team here

We’ve launched a Peoples’ Recall campaign to give all North Carolinians an

opportunity to express their disgust of Rep. Cotham’s betrayal. She co-sponsored the

“Codify Roe” bill in February of this year. In 2015, she stood on the floor of the General Assembly, shared her own abortion story, and argued “My womb and my uterus is not up for your political grab.” But now she has betrayed women across all of North Carolina by voting for an abortion ban and additional restrictions – and voting to override Governor Cooper’s veto.

Sign the People’s Recall here and then tell every North Carolinian you know.

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Help ensure people across North Carolina who are not on social media can express their outrage by signing the “Peoples’ Recall. Be sure to sign the Recall, too, if you still need to!

Print off the 4×6 cards below and hand them out at your community at pop-up markets, churches, farmers markets, barber/beauty shops, Juneteenth Festivals, or anywhere you can share this mission.

Public Schools

We all know education is one of the top issues that parents worry about. But there’s a national right-wing movement to defund and destroy public schools – and it’s no different in North Carolina. Extremists at the local level are trying to pressure or take over our local school board, trying to ban books, use kids as political pawns, and even complaining about schools acknowledging that kids have emotions!  

In the state Legislature, lawmakers have introduced dozens of bills that would impose harsh new requirements on public schools, without providing the funding or staff schools need. They are also trying to keep students from learning a complete, accurate history of the United States, or about the fact that LGBTQ+ people exist. The State is also continuing to fight court orders to fund public schools to the bare minimum level required by our state Constitution, while diverting up to a billion dollars a year for wealthy parents to send their children to private schools at taxpayer expense.  

What Can I Do?

We work in coalition with Every Child NC and Public Schools First NC to fight back in the Legislature and on the local level. Sign up to be part of our Rapid Response team here.

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LGBTQ+ Rights

Extremists are driving attacks on LGBTQ+ people, healthcare, and rights across the country and here in North Carolina – particularly targeting trans kids. 

The state legislature and some local school boards are pushing harmful, discriminatory laws and policies such as “Don’t Say Gay” bills.

In the North Carolina Legislature, extremists have introduced bills that specifically attack trans students, including bills that would prevent trans students from receiving gender-affirming medical care or participating in sports. In addition, vaguely worded legislation would force teachers to out students, keep them from affirming students’ identities, and removing safe spaces that make LGBTQ+ students feel welcomed.

On a local level, some school boards are silencing and censoring voices through efforts to ban books by LGBTQ+ authors and featuring LGBTQ+ characters.

What Can I Do?

    • Get the facts and share them with others. Politicians are using disinformation to justify these discriminatory policies.
    • Personal stories help to break down stereotypes and begin to create empathy and understanding. Share your lived experiences if you are part of the LGBT+ community or listen to other people’s stories. Encourage your kids, your family members and your friends to do the same. 
    • Join one of our online events! We will educate and equip you for conversations around this issue.
    • Tell your legislators to vote against bills that make life harder for LGBTQ+ people.

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Gun Violence

The legislature has North Carolinians in greater danger of gun violence, especially in our Black & Brown communities. Extremist politicians have repealed key safety measures including certain types of pistol permits, okayed guns in churches that double as schools, and delayed efforts to work towards safer gun storage by mandating a two-year “study” on the issue.   

What Can I Do? 

Get involved! We work with our coalition partners fighting to keep all North Carolinians safe from gun violence: Moms Demand Action, Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods, North Carolinians Against Gun Violence, and Brady United Against Gun Violence.  

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