In 2022, suburban wins defeated extremist candidates and drove victories including flipping the Pennsylvania state House. Now we have the chance to continue our great work with school board and judicial races.

What Red Wine & Blue is About

We empower women to reach out to their own circles. Talking to people you know is up to 22 times more effective than talking to a stranger.  We’re proud of our communities — we want kids to grow up with their freedoms intact, in a place where everyone is welcome and treated with respect.


    We don’t just show up during election season. We have members in all counties in Pennsylvania and nearly half a million members across the U.S.


    Across Pennsylvania, extremists are trying to ban books, promote hate, and prevent LGBTQ+ students from being their true selves. The majority of attempted bans target books that are by or about LGBTQ+ people or people of color.

    It is important to have a school board that protects all students. There was a 65% increase in antisemitic incidents in Pennsylvania in 2022, according to the Anti-Defamation League. The ACLU of Pennsylvania has filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education and Department of Justice, alleging that Central Bucks School District has a “widespread culture of discrimination” against LGBTQ students, particularly transgender and nonbinary students. They point directly to the school board’s actions including telling teachers not to use students’ correct names or pronouns, ordering teachers to remove Pride flags, punishing staff, and book bans. 

    Every school board is up for election this year. We have a chance to prevent extremists from taking control and replace them with school board members who will actually focus on education – not use kids to score political points and push an extreme agenda. 

    The May primary for school board candidates is incredibly important. In Pennsylvania, school board candidates can cross-file in the primary, meaning that they can appear on both the Democratic and Republican ballots in a primary election. If they win both, it is likely they will be the only candidate on the ballot for the November general election.  

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    Judicial races are also crucial in Pennsylvania this year. Electing judges will help protect the progress we have made by preserving fair electoral maps, fair funding for public schools, and preserving access to abortion.  

    There are four vacant seats in total: two on the Superior Court, one on the Commonwealth Court, and one on the Supreme Court. 

    The Superior Court and Commonwealth Court can uphold or reverse decisions made in lower courts. Their rulings can be appealed to the state Supreme Court.

    The State Supreme Court election is to replace Chief Justice Max Baer after his death last year. Right now, there is a 4-2 Democratic majority, but it is still important to elect a Democrat to help ensure we don’t lose the progress we’ve made. 

     Just like school board candidates, judges can cross-file in the May primary and appear on both Democrat and Republican ballots. One candidate can win both primaries and then likely be the only candidate on the ballot in November’s general election.

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    Cross-filing is when a candidate runs in the primary election of their own party and also others. It is allowed in municipal elections in Pennsylvania, but not in national or statewide elections.

    For example, a candidate can file to appear on both the Democratic and Republican ballots in a primary election. Since they are on both ballots, voters may not know if the candidate is actually a Democrat or a Republican.

    This means that school board and judicial elections can be won and lost in May’s primary election – well before the general election in November! 

    What Can I Do?

    Educate yourself! Before going to vote, find out what each candidate’s platform is and what issues are the most important to them. Directly ask candidates their political party affiliation. Check which candidates are endorsed by your local political party.

    What’s Next? 

    Once you have done your research, share information about cross-filing with all of your friends, family and neighbors to make sure they know about cross-filing, too!

    Find out more information about crossfiling and download a graphic here.

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    What We’ve Accomplished in PA Last Year

    • Volunteers talked to over 30,000 of their family and friends about voting in the midterms. 
    • We hosted almost 100 events.
    • We raised $20,000 for Pennsylvania abortion funds through a first-of-its-kind relational organizing program. 
    • Over 2,000 people signed up as volunteers.

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