Calling all Troublemakers! Red Wine & Blue knows you are ready to stand up for common sense and push back on extremism in your community. And we are here to help! Looking for messaging guidance or training on how to organize? You can find it all here.

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Talking to your friends and family is the MOST effective thing you can do to get them out to vote. Want help having those conversations? Check out these slides for tips on having impactful and persuasive discussions.


Ready to stand up and fight extremism in your community? How can you effectively bring people together to make an impact on important issues? Watch our Troublemaker Training to learn how to organize and push back on book bans and other right-wing culture wars in your schools and community.

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Mapping Your Contacts

Who can you talk to about issues, candidates and voting? Keep building your list and increasing your impact! Check Out Our Handy Guide