Are you tired of the attacks on our students, teachers, school boards, and curricula? As parents, we want the freedom to make decisions that affect our kids’ lives and for them to attend schools in a safe, welcoming environment that prepares them for the 21st century. We don’t want to leave it up to the small minority of loud extremist parents and legislators. You have the power to change things in your school district and we want to help!

Join us at Red Wine & Blue as we work alongside many of our coalition partners in the public education arena.

Extremists have focused their attention on school boards to push their political agenda — from disrupting meetings to taking over seats — so it’s important for mainstream parents like us to know how to stand up for an honest and accurate education in our schools. There’s no one better to show us how to do that than School Board School, an organization that unites a diverse coalition of education advocates in support of schools in Ohio. We partnered with School Board School’s Elisa Hoffman to bring you these two videos on what school boards do and how you can speak at school board meetings as an advocate for education in your community. Go back to school with us for a minute — give them a watch!

What the Heck Does a School Board Do?

How to Speak at a School Board Like a Pro

Questions to Ask Your School Board Candidates: 

  1. What skills and experiences in your background would help you be an effective school board member?
  2. What is your understanding of programs like DEI and SEL, and can you explain how and why they are utilized in school settings?
  3. Please explain the duties and responsibilities of a school board member, and share how board members can work effectively with the superintendent and administrators in the district.
  4. What has your involvement been in our district prior to the time that you chose to run for office? Have you volunteered in our schools? Are you currently a parent in our district?