We might not be voting for president in the upcoming 2023 election, but it’s still just as important as every other election. It’s an odd year, but not an off year! Depending on where we live, we’ll be deciding things like who sits on our local school boards, which judges rule in our courtrooms and who is leading our cities. Odd year elections have a huge impact on our everyday lives and local communities, but often, they don’t get strong voter turnout. 

When voter turnout is low, sometimes races have been decided by just one or two votes. Really, we’ve seen it happen! That’s why it’s so important for us to vote and to share election information with everyone we know and get them to the polls, too. We can make a difference in 2023 by electing candidates who share our values, which will also send a clear message for what we expect from candidates in 2024. So let’s get you ready to vote in November!

We already know what happens when judges don’t support reproductive rights — we can’t let that happen in Pennsylvania.

This year in Pennsylvania we are electing a state supreme court judge, which could have an immense impact on our reproductive freedom in the state. We already know what can happen when a majority of judges don’t support reproductive freedom—they can, and will, take away our right to make our own reproductive healthcare decisions. We can’t let that happen. 

The Democratic nominee Dan McCaffery is a strong supporter of reproductive freedom, including access to safe abortion care. His opponent, Carolyn Carluccio has scrubbed her website of her anti-abortion extremism in an attempt to appear mainstream. But suburban women won’t be fooled. Now more than ever, it is so important to elect judges that support our rights—including access to abortion care. Make sure to vote for Dan McCaffery for Pennsylvania State Supreme Court Judge.

Our kids’ education is at risk by extremist school board candidates!

School boards are an important part of the community. They control the school district budget, hire the superintendent and make educational policy. Every school board in Pennsylvania is up for election in November. Extremists want to take control by filling these boards with people who will continue to push political agendas and culture wars. 

Parenting is hard enough – we’re done letting extremists try to control our public education system by banning books, removing accurate history of Black and brown communities from curriculums, and targeting transgender and nonbinary children with policies that strip them of their rights to use bathrooms or play sports that align with their gender identity and expression. Our first line of defense against this extremism in our communities is to elect school board members who will actually focus on supporting public education and keeping our schools safe and welcoming for all students. You can learn more about some of the races below.

Troublemakers making trouble. That's how we do.


If we’re going to make sure everyone’s vote counts, it’s important to know all our voting options along with voting deadlines and schedules. Share this information with everyone you know – and don’t forget any young people in your life who turn 18 soon and will be eligible to vote by election day!

Here are important voting details for Pennsylvania:

  • Deadline to Register to Vote: October 23, 2023.
  • Last Day to Request Absentee or Mail-In Ballot: October 31, 2023.
  • Last Day to Return Absentee or Mail-In Ballot: November 7, 2023 by 8:00 p.m.
  • Election Day Voting: November 7, 2023, Polls Open 7:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the deadline to return my mail ballot?
Your ballot must be RECEIVED by your county’s election office by Tuesday, November 7, 2023 at 8 p.m. To ensure your ballot is received by the deadline, return it as soon as possible.

How do I complete and return my mail ballot?

  1. Read all the instructions carefully and mark your ballot using a blue or black pen. Be sure to complete the front and back of each page.
  2. Seal your ballot in the smaller, inner secrecy envelope that indicates “official election ballot.”
  3. Do not make any marks on this envelope.Seal the inner secrecy envelope in the larger, pre-addressed outer return envelope.
  4. Sign and date the voter’s declaration on the outside of the outer return envelope. Do not date it with your birth date.
  5. Return your ballot via USPS as soon as possible or hand deliver it to your county’s designated drop-off location.

How can I track my mail ballot after I return it?

Yes, you can track your ballot using vote.pa/track. Due to high volume, it may take a few days for your ballot to be processed. If you don’t see an updated status within 4-5 days of dropping off your ballot, or if you believe your ballot was lost, contact your county election office.

Learn more at vote.pa.gov



We need common sense school board members who will stand up against the loud, extremist minority causing chaos in our schools. Our kids deserve the freedom to learn real information that sets them up for success, safe from bullying and violence. Success comes from learning, not banning books about Martin Luther King, Jr. and targeting the families of LGBTQ children with cruel political attacks. 

Find your school district below to learn which school board candidates support common sense and community, not chaos and hate.

✅ Candidates with a green check mark next to their name support fully-funded public schools and honest, accurate education in a safe and respectful environment that sets every child up for success.

❌ Candidates with a red “x” next to their name are endorsed by extremist groups such as Moms for Liberty and 1776 Project and/or support extremist policies such as banning books, censoring school curriculums, and putting weapons of war in our classrooms.

Note: Not all Pennsylvania races are included in this list. Red Wine & Blue is working on the ground in these key races with the most extreme candidates.

Central Bucks School District

✅ Karen Smith (Region 1)

✅ Heather Reynolds (Region 2)

✅ Dana Foley (Region 3)

✅ Rick Haring (Region 6)

✅ Susan M. Gibson (Region 8)

❌ Stephen Mass (Region 1)

❌ Dana Hunter (Region 2)

❌ Glenn Schloeffel (Region 3)

❌ Aarati Martino (Region 6)

❌ Tony Arjona (Region 8)

Central York School District

✅ Amelia McMillan

✅ Eric Anthony Oliver

✅ Benjamin Walker

✅ Michael F. Stewart

❌ Wendy M. Crane

❌ Doug Bolinger

❌ Faith Casale

❌ Clair E. Weigle, III

East Penn School District

✅ Joshua Levinson

✅ Shonta Ford

✅ Gabrielle Klotz

✅ Jeffrey Jankowski

✅ Timothy Kelly

❌ Angelic Schneider

❌ Kristofer DePaolo

❌ Paul Barbehenn

❌ Matt Mull

❌ Lawrence Huyssen

Kutztown Area School District

✅ Caecilia Holt (Region 1)

✅ Laurel Ziegler (Region 1)

✅ Dennis Ritter (Region 2)

✅ Char Horst (Region 2)

✅ Charles M. Brown (Region 3)

❌ Steven A. Morris (Region 1)

❌ Drew Brad Myers, Jr. (Region 1)

❌ Dennis J. Udicious (Region 2)

❌ Reba Cortes Hoffman (Region 2)

❌ Daniel Y. Wismer (Region 3)

Moon Area School District

✅ Sarah Simmons

✅ Bryan Seybert

❌ Crystal Barr

❌ Adam Gill

❌ Kristin Sainovich

❌ Bob Zieger

❌ David White

Owen J. Roberts School District

✅ Nicholas J. Rotoli

✅ Jennifer Munson

✅ John R. Melniczek

✅ Beth A. Chaville-Fuller

✅ Warren F. Chester

❌ Mandy Cooper

❌ Rick Cameron

❌ Kathy DiMarino

❌ Brooks Roland

❌ Todd Verrecchia

Oxford Area School District

✅ Jennifer Warren (At-Large)

✅ Regina Hughes (At-Large)

✅ Tenille Dewees (Region 1)

✅ Brian Washburn (Region 2)

✅ Debbie Vendrick (Region 3)

❌ Mark Patterson (At-Large)

❌ Lou Robinson (At-Large)

❌ Georgeanna Singley (Region 1)

❌ Kaitlyn Bell (Region 2)

❌ Dee Wiker (Region 3)

Parkland School District

✅ Jay Rohatgi

✅ Christopher Pirrotta

✅ Marisa Ziegler

✅ Carol L Facchiano

✅ Lisa A. Roth

❌ Natalie Janotka

❌ Beth Finch

❌ George Rivera

❌ Michael Deering

❌ Bobby Lanyon

Pennridge School District

✅ Bradley Merkl-Gump

✅ Leah Foster Rash

✅ Carolyn Sciarrino

✅ Ron Wurz

✅ Chris Kaufman

❌ Jonathan Russell

❌ Bob Sellers

❌ Jim York

❌ Barbara Vees

❌ Joshua Hogan

Perkiomen Valley School District

✅ Todd P. McKinney

✅ Wayde M. Weston

✅ Robert Liggett

✅ Treena M. Sadler

✅ Laura White

❌ Heidi Brown

❌ Jordan Scott Cohen

❌ Russ Larson

❌ Matthew Dorr

❌ Kim Mares

Pine-Richland School District

✅ Ashley Fortier (Region 1)

✅ Gary Yang (Region 1)

✅ Russell Patterson (Region 2)

✅ Matthew M. Mehalik (Region 3)

✅ Jennifer Beuse (Region 3)

❌ Marc D. Casciani (Region 1)

❌ Greg DiTullio (Region 1)

❌ Leslie Miller (Region 2)

❌ Philip R. Morrissette (Region 3)

❌ Mike Wiethorn (Region 3)

Plum Borough School District

✅ Michael Caliguiri

✅ Amy L. Wetmore

✅ Renee M. Richardson

✅ Michelle Stepnick

✅ Justin S. Newman

❌ Aaron Butler

❌ Gary Motor

❌ Mark Stropkaj

❌ Lindsay Arenth

❌ Eric Gumkowski

Souderton Area School District

✅ Kristina Bertzos

✅ Rosemary Buetikofer

✅ Scott P. Swindells

✅ Andrew Souchet

✅ Elise Bowers

❌ Nicholas A. Braccio

❌ William A. Formica III

❌ Michael Barnacz

❌ Kimberly Wheeler

❌ Ken Keith

Southern Lehigh School District

✅ Melissa Torba

✅ Eric Boyer

✅ Timothy Kearney

✅ Emily Gehman

✅ Candi Kruse

❌ Danelle Roy

❌ Maria L. Schantz

❌ Lance M. Tittle

❌ Paul Deebel

❌ James Pica