Extremists across the country are attacking our freedoms, and kids and families are paying the price. As moms we know there is no room in the budget for political corruption, especially when it comes to our kids. Join us this month for a Suburban Women Problem limited-series podcast – The Cost of Extremism. 

We’ll  take a deep dive into four areas where extremism is costing us too much: active shooter drills, school vouchers, anti-trans legislation and extremist school boards. 


  • Episode 1: The Impact of Active Shooter Drills in Schools
    Today most kids start participating in active shooter drills as early as preschool. Studies show that 95% of school districts participate in active shooter drills – creating a $2.7 billion industry feeding off the fear of school shootings. Along with the financial cost, active shooter drills also lead to increased feelings of anxiety and depression. Join us as we look at this industry and what it’s costing our communities.
  • Episode 2: The Problem with School Vouchers
    During our second episode, we look at the long history of school voucher programs, which take money away from public schools. At a time when public education is already underfunded, we can’t afford programs that allow wealthy families to use public funds for private and religious education. In this episode, we look at the cost of these programs and the true motives behind them.  
  • Episode 3: Anti-Trans Bills Are Harming LGBTQ+ Youth
    The following week, we turn to the anti-trans legislation that is exploding across the country right now. This movement is being led and financed by some of the same groups that pushed for the overturn of Roe vs. Wade. These groups, which claim to fight for “parents’ rights” are pushing a dangerous agenda – and trans kids are paying a price with their mental health and even their lives.  
  • Episode 4: The School Board Culture War
    In our final episode, we turn to school boards and the right-leaning PACs pouring money into school board races. This outside money is having a significant impact on our public education system, all in the name of “parents’ rights.” What’s the real impact of this movement and who is really paying the price?


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