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Ready to stand up for your community and push back on extremism? We’re here to help!

Below you’ll find all the tools to make your group successful and impactful, whether you’re just getting started or already highly skilled.

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Nation 101

TroubleNation 101

Ready to stand up for common sense and push back on extremism in your community, but would like some help getting started? We’ll show you how to organize your network, keep people engaged, and become a force for change in your community. Here’s everything you need.

TroubleNation 101: Session 1

TroubleNation 101: Session 2

TroubleNation 101: Session 3

TroubleNation 101: Session 4

Parent Playbook

How to Start a Group

Troublemaker’s Guide

Troublemaker's Guide

How to Throw a Troublemaker Get Together

How to Fight Back Slides

Organizer Toolkit
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Relational Organizing Training

At Red Wine & Blue, we are all about relational organizing — the simple, proven concept that people talking to their friends and family is more effective than strangers talking to strangers. Relational organizing is the most effective way to spread a message, persuade someone, and to get people to show up to vote. Below you’ll find training about relational organizing and how you can use it to enhance your group’s impact.

What is Relational Organizing?

Crafting Your Story of Self

TroubleNation Toolkit

Troublemaven Academy

Troublemaven Academy

Class 1: Civics Savviness 

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Class 2: NCGA Insights

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Class 3: Astute Advocacy

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Class 4: Ruling Robert

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Class 5: Collective Power

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Class 6: An Amplified Voice

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Class 7: Cultural Conversations

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Class 8: Ready, Set, Go!

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Knowledge breeds Confidence.
Confidence breeds Action.

Need a civics refresher or want the 411 on the extremist landscape out there? We’ll give you the knowledge so you can feel confident in your advocacy. Don’t see something you’re looking for? Let us know!

HCR: Why 2023 is Make-or-Break for 2024

The Latest on Extremist Groups in America

The Momentum Towards 2024: How We Build Power

Government 101: Everything We Forgot From High School

Build Your Economy Confidence with Shereen Boyer

Nation 501

Advanced Advocacy and Organizing Trainings

Once you’ve mastered the basics, you’ll want to take your group’s advocacy and organizing to the next level so you can maximize your long-term power. Whether you want guidance on strengthening your leadership team, talking to the media, or raising funds, we’ve got you. We’re continually adding trainings, so keep checking back for more!

Comms 101: Handling Tough Topics Like a Pro

How to Speak at a School Board (Like a Pro!)

Protecting Your Mental Health During Advocacy

Issues Affecting Us All

Become an expert in the issues affecting us

Extremist political attacks on our families, our kids, and our schools are constant and can feel overwhelming. But guess what? Most Americans don’t agree with these extremists. Ensure you are educated about these issues so that we can bring common sense back.

Reproductive Rights

With the overturning of Roe v Wade in June 2023, abortion access and reproductive rights are in jeopardy in many states. Use the resources in this section to educate your group about the issue.

Event Recordings

The Intersection of Faith and Reproductive Rights

The Economics of Abortion with Shereen Boyer

A conversation with Dr. Beene

The Suburban Women Problem Podcast

S3 E25: “Women Talking About Their Dobbs Again (with Renee Bracey Sherman and Jen Perez)”

  • S2 E42: “Pro-Choice is Pro-Democracy (with Dr. Diana Greene Foster and Christina Ward)”
  • S2 E34: “Let’s Talk About “Late Term Abortion” (with Robin Utz and Ashley All)”
  • S2 E23: “Roe Fertility Woes (with Dr. Lucky Sekhon and Autumn Lucy)”
  • S1 E18: “Sometimes You Just Need To Talk To Cecile Richards (with Cecile Richards and Kellie Love Titus)”
Personal Stories

Nicole’s Story

Amy’s Story

Sherry’s Story

Understanding Reproductive Rights

Banning Abortion Isn’t Just About Healthcare

Amanda Zurawski on Abortion Activism

What Are Abortion Pills?

School Board & Library Extremism

Book bans and extremist takeovers of school boards do not represent mainstream moms (and dads). Learn how your group can stand up to these attacks.

Event Recordings

Defeat Book Bans at the Ballot Box w/ Angie Thomas

Troublemaker Training: Book Ban Edition

Troublemaker Training: Who is Behind Extremist School Board Policies?

How to Speak at a School Board (Like a Pro!)

What the Heck Does a School Board Do?

SWEEP Salon: Critical Race Theory (CRT)

Let’s Talk About Sex (Ed!)

The Suburban Women Problem Podcast

The Cost of Extremism –– The Problem with School Vouchers

  • S3 E19: “You’re Never Lonely With A Book (with Jodi Picoult and Carrie Wardzinski)”
  • S3 E6: “Equity Isn’t A Dirty Word (with Carrie Douglass, Ethan Ashley, and Maya Guy)”
  • S1 E21: “School Board Madness”
  • S2 E22: “Let’s Talk About Sex… Ed (with Jess McIntosh & Christine and Shannon Curley)”
Personal Stories

Elisa’s Story

Jennifer’s Story

Florida Teacher’s Story

Anusha’s Story

Lyndsie’s Story

Heather’s Story


A Conversation About Pennridge School District

A Conversation About Sparta School District

A Conversation with Librarian Carrie Wardzinski


Moms for Liberty Doesn’t Know What Liberty Actually Means

A Georgia Teacher Got Fired for Reading a Book

A Banned Book Saved a Child’s Life

Anti-Racism and DEI

Racism in this country is on the rise — whitewashing history lessons and abolishing DEI programming. This is not ok — learn how your group can help.

Event Recordings

Anti-Racist Education: Why Extremists Fear It and We All Need It

Ask Me Anything: Teaching Race and Equity in Schools

SWEEP Salon: Critical Race Theory (CRT)

The Suburban Women Problem Podcast

S3 E16: “We’re a Salad, Not a Melting Pot (with Liz Sohyeon Kleinrock and Erika Marquardt)”

  • S3 E12: “Learning Outside The Colorless Bubble (with Angie Thomas and Revida Rahman)”
  • S1 E5: “An Honest Education (with Heather McGhee and Juliet Kuehnle)”
Personal Stories

Malynda’s Story

Adrienne’s Story

LGBTQ+ Rights

It feels like every day news breaks about yet another anti-LGBTQ+ policy being proposed or enacted by extremist state legislatures across the country. Learn how your group can help support the LGBTQ+ community.

Event Recordings

Ask Me Anything: What You Can Do to Support LGBTQ+ Youth

SWEEP Salon: All You Need to Know About Gender-Affirming Care

The Suburban Women Problem Podcast

S2 E4: “Books Over Boogeymen (with Charlotte Clymer and Lesléa Newman)”

  • S3 E21: “We’re GLAAD You’re Here (with Sarah Kate Ellis and Mindy and Lily Freeman)”
  • S3 E9: “Pronouns Aren’t Bullets (with Del. Danica Roem and Elliott Kozuch)”
  • S3 E2: “Inclusion Isn’t A Drag (with Tara Hoot and Cress Barnes)”
  • S2 E27: “Coming Out Fighting (with LGBTQ Youth)”
  • The Cost of Extremism E2: “Anti-Trans Bills Are Harming LGBTQ+ Youth”
Personal Stories

Alejandra’s Story

Nathan’s Story

Cress & Carley’s Story

Ronna’s Story

Understanding LGBTQ+ Rights

A Short History on Drag Artists

Gun Violence Prevention

Mass shootings in this country happen almost every day, yet our legislatures do nothing about it. Our kids are continually forced to revisit the trauma during active shooter drills in schools. When will enough be enough? Learn how you can have an impact.

Personal Stories

Ashbey’s Story

Lisa’s Story


A Conversation with Brett Cross

A Conversation with Fred Guttenberg

A Conversation with Shannon Watts


So-called “parents’ right” extremists are trying to control our families. Let’s not let them win! See below for how your group can stand up to these attacks.

Event Recordings

The Science of Raising 21st Century Kids (AKA Kids Who Aren’t A**holes)

The Suburban Women Problem Podcast

S3 E17: “Mainstream Parents Are Calling BS (with Chasten Buttigieg and Katie Paris)”

  • S3 E8: “Parenting Is Political (with Julie Kohler and Kate Duffy)”
  • S2 E12: “When You Know Better, You Do Better (with Dr. Traci Baxley and Kelly Krout)”
  • S1 E24: “The Kids Are Alright, Right? (with Melinda Wenner Moyer and Gina Heumann)”
Understanding Today’s Parenting Issues

The Extremists Are Scared of Empathy

Talking to Kids About Tough Topics

Talking to Kids About LGBTQ+ Identities

Actions You Can Take

Books Icon

Book Ban Busters

Extremist politicians and outside groups are attacking our kids’ education. In fact, they’ve become SO extreme that they’ve resorted to book banning. Well, suburban women aren’t having it. Join us to make sure our kids get an honest and accurate education.