Activists targeted by Moms for Liberty ‘harassment’ campaigns

Jul 6, 2023

Another incident of harassment was recounted by Amanda Pauley, a member of the local activist group Red Wine & Blue. She said she was out shopping with her 11-year-old daughter when she and her daughter were approached by a member of M4L.

“[She] walked into the shop and said ‘Oh look the pedophile queen is here.’ She shouted it so my daughter instantly went to the next aisle to hide her face,” Pauley said. “The woman told an older couple to keep their children away from me, that I was a pedophile and groomer. My daughter was hysterical, crying.”

“My kids have been a target,” Pauley said. “My son has been called a pedophile and a groomer. He’s 17 years old.”

Read more at Philadelphia Gay News

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