Barbara’s Story

After hearing about the ten-year-old girl being raped and impregnated, I feel I must speak out.

I was raped by a family member from the age of 5 to 9 years old. It was repeated rapes and there was no way for me to escape this person. Luckily, I was not menstruating yet.

Children with disabilities have a much higher incident of rape and sexual abuse. Simply because they often can’t speak up or they are physically unable to escape.

If I had been impregnated, I would be forced to carry that fetus that would also be my niece or nephew. Imagine that, giving birth to your own niece or nephew at age 9.

This is what we as American women are now faced with. A ten-year-old rape victim, being forced to carry a fetus to term. We need to fight like hell to ensure abortion is available!

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