Looking for a how-to guide to start organizing the people in your neighborhood? Ready to sign up for training or an upcoming volunteer opportunity? Need a cool graphic to post on social? We’ve got you covered. Scroll down to check out all the resources at your fingertips.


Troublemaker Training


SWEEP is our extremely active national Facebook Group with over 220,000 members! Join the group now and start chatting! SWEEP is a great way to connect with other women in our community and have meaningful conversations about the things that matter to us most.


Join a local FB Group

Red Wine & Blue also have several state-level Facebook Groups where we have conversations about local issues and opportunities to get involved. You might even run into a neighbor from down the street!

The Suburban Women Problem

The Suburban Women Problem

Are you a podcast lover?  Then you need to download “The Suburban Women Problem” by Red Wine & Blue! This podcast is for all of us “problematic” women who actually care about our democracy and don’t mind stirring up a little trouble.

Hosts Rachel Vindman, Jasmine Clark, and Amanda Weinstein chat with women across America about how the suburbs are changing, how politics affects their lives and families and the best way to become a part of the growing “suburban women problem.”


Banned Bookmobile

Red Wine & Blue is launching the Banned Bookmobile to help kids access the powerful books that extremists are trying to take away.

We believe that the best way to fight book bans is with knowledge and facts! So this summer we’re turning our cars into Bookmobiles and handing out children’s banned books to families. Our bookmobiles are part of our brand new initiative, Freedom to Parent 21st Century Kids.

Freedom to Parent 21st Century Kids

Heart not hate. Books not bans. Freedom not fear.

Tired of the political attacks on our kids and public education? Feeling drowned out by so-called “parents’ rights” extremists trying to control our families? You’re not alone.

“Freedom to Parent” is a movement of mainstream moms (and dads) who are standing up for our freedom to decide what’s best for our kids, ensure their safety, and set them up for success.

What’s Up With Roe v Wade?

Have questions about what is happening with Roe v. Wade? Trying to understand the status of reproductive care and abortion rights in our country? Check out our guide to find the answers to all your burning questions and share it with your friends. 

Parent Playbook

The Parent Playbook

Everything you need to fight back against far-right extremism in your kids’ schools. Download our guide to learn the best tips, tricks and tactics for organizing your community, messaging and effectively influencing your school board.


Upcoming Red Wine & Blue Events

RWB Events

RWB Events Don’t miss out on all that Red Wine & Blue has to offer! Want to join a Banned Book Club, hear inspiring speakers in our Salon, attend national events with other suburban women, or get the training you need to fight extremism in your community? Find it all on the Red Wine & Blue events page.


Volunteer Opportunties

Calling all Troublemakers! Looking for a way to get involved and take a stand against extremism in your community? There are so many ways to get involved.