School vouchers take taxpayer funds away from public schools and direct it to religious and private institutions that are not held to the same standards of education, equity and opportunity.

Did you know that school choice allows schools to refuse to admit certain students? “As soon as you switch to a system where the schools do the choosing, and that’s really what school choice is, discrimination is built into that.” – Jennifer Berkshire

The purpose behind school voucher programs is to defund public education,and eventually to privatize education.  

“I want everyone to know that this is on purpose. You don’t land in this position accidentally. Your lawmakers have been working against you, your community, and your children for donations so that they could stay in power and consolidate power. And so we speak truth to power. We say, this is bad for my kid. This is bad for my school. I think the ultimate goal is privatizing for money and then closing down a lot of rural schools, a lot of urban schools and putting the kids to work. See, we know this is true because they’re rolling back child labor laws at the same time.” – Jess Piper


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