Now that you know the true cost of active shooter drills, you’re probably wondering – why are 95% of school districts still participating in these drills? You’re not alone. Mainstream moms are fed up with a culture that values gun ownership over the lives of our children. Why are our children paying the cost of mass shootings while our legislators continue to ignore the problem?

That’s a question Ashbey Beasley wants answered. Ashbey was not involved in any gun violence prevention work, until she survived a mass shooting with her young son, at a Fourth of July parade. Now she speaks out about gun violence and the unexpected costs of active shooter drills. Ashbey is not willing to accept that we have normalized mass shootings with active shooter drills. And neither are we.  

Watch this short clip to hear more of our interview with Ashbey Beasley: 


To listen to the full podcast episode that explores the true cost and impact of active shooter drills, click here.