White women have long been unreliable voters for Democrats. Could that change in 2024?

Jan 31, 2023

Jennifer Pippin had been a registered Democrat since she was 18-years-old. But a decade later, in 2014, she switched to the Republican Party.

“I felt like more of the Republican values were my values,” said Pippin, a 37-year-old surgical and operating room nurse from Sebastian, Florida. “Once I actually kind of started growing up and realizing my values, I registered as a Republican,” she said, saying she wanted to push for more control of her kids’ education.

Pippin’s departure from the Democratic Party is not unique. As the 2024 presidential election and control of Congress loom on the horizon, Democrats face an often underreported challenge: persuading white women to join — and stick with — the party, giving Democrats a shot at control of Washington.

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