School censorship is not democratic. Speaking up is the solution.

May 30, 2023

Thankfully, some of that is already happening. Around the country, groups like Red Wine and Blue (that’s really its name) have challenged school board candidates sponsored by Moms for Liberty. Most of all, it has rallied parents to support history — and to fight censorship — in our schools.

That’s the democratic way. The wrong answer to right-wing pressure groups is to tell them to butt out of school politics, which is what Terry McAuliffe said during his failed gubernatorial bid in Virginia. The correct answer — indeed, the only answer — is for other citizens to butt in.

We don’t live in China, which is now squashing history in Hong Kong schools. Nor do we live in Russia, where textbooks have purged references to Kyiv and Ukraine. We live in a democracy. The big question is whether we will raise our voices loudly enough to defend it.

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