Stateside Podcast: The parents on the other side of the phone

Feb 22, 2023

On the night of the shooting at Michigan State University, students faced four hours of a shelter-in-place order. During that time many students were in communication with their parents; texting and calling them. On the other end of the phone, parents had to manage their own fears while reassuring their children.

Kelly Dillaha was one of those parents. Her twin sons are juniors at Michigan State University.

“[M]y son texted a picture of how they had barricaded furniture against the doors and window of their apartment and asked my husband if he thought it was going to be secure enough to hold anyone back and if there was improvements they could make to how they had barricaded,” Dillaha said. “And that was kind of the low point of the evening because you’re trying to remain calm as a parent.”

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